laravelの学習に伴い、ユニットテストの手法も勉強を始めました。 今までJavaで何度か開発プロセスへの導入を検討していましたが、プロジェクトへの適用を考えるとルール整備、教育、運用といった点で何度も挫折しています。

ユニットテスト導入に関して良さそうな書籍を見つけたので本格導入を再度始めました。 書籍がphpなので、phpunitをまずは導入します。


  • PHP 7.1.14
  • Composer version 1.6.3





composer global require --dev "phpunit/phpunit=3.7.*"


export PATH=~/.composer/vendor/bin/:${PATH}


❯ phpunit
PHPUnit 3.7.38 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Usage: phpunit [options] UnitTest [UnitTest.php]
       phpunit [options] <directory>

  --log-junit <file>        Log test execution in JUnit XML format to file.
  --log-tap <file>          Log test execution in TAP format to file.
  --log-json <file>         Log test execution in JSON format.

  --coverage-clover <file>  Generate code coverage report in Clover XML format.
  --coverage-html <dir>     Generate code coverage report in HTML format.
  --coverage-php <file>     Serialize PHP_CodeCoverage object to file.
  --coverage-text=<file>    Generate code coverage report in text format.
                            Default to writing to the standard output.

  --testdox-html <file>     Write agile documentation in HTML format to file.
  --testdox-text <file>     Write agile documentation in Text format to file.

  --filter <pattern>        Filter which tests to run.
  --testsuite <pattern>     Filter which testsuite to run.
  --group ...               Only runs tests from the specified group(s).
  --exclude-group ...       Exclude tests from the specified group(s).
  --list-groups             List available test groups.
  --test-suffix ...         Only search for test in files with specified
                            suffix(es). Default: Test.php,.phpt

  --loader <loader>         TestSuiteLoader implementation to use.
  --printer <printer>       TestSuiteListener implementation to use.
  --repeat <times>          Runs the test(s) repeatedly.

  --tap                     Report test execution progress in TAP format.
  --testdox                 Report test execution progress in TestDox format.

  --colors                  Use colors in output.
  --stderr                  Write to STDERR instead of STDOUT.
  --stop-on-error           Stop execution upon first error.
  --stop-on-failure         Stop execution upon first error or failure.
  --stop-on-skipped         Stop execution upon first skipped test.
  --stop-on-incomplete      Stop execution upon first incomplete test.
  --strict                  Run tests in strict mode.
  -v|--verbose              Output more verbose information.
  --debug                   Display debugging information during test execution.

  --process-isolation       Run each test in a separate PHP process.
  --no-globals-backup       Do not backup and restore $GLOBALS for each test.
  --static-backup           Backup and restore static attributes for each test.

  --bootstrap <file>        A "bootstrap" PHP file that is run before the tests.
  -c|--configuration <file> Read configuration from XML file.
  --no-configuration        Ignore default configuration file (phpunit.xml).
  --include-path <path(s)>  Prepend PHP's include_path with given path(s).
  -d key[=value]            Sets a php.ini value.

  -h|--help                 Prints this usage information.
  --version                 Prints the version and exits.

Laravel Testing Decoded (English Edition)